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Online shopping behavior encompasses acts of browsing, comparing, and evaluating, decision making, and purchasing. Through the internet, we can buy goods and services in a minute by just clicking on a button. It is one of the commonly used mediums for convenient shopping. It is, in fact, a popular means of shopping among the Internet community. No matter clothes, electronics, or pets, online shopping trend is becoming more popular with each passing day. Hundreds of websites and applications are being created and deployed every year to cater to this rising demand for comfortable shopping trends.

Nowadays, there is a lot of competition among vendors as they try to introduce their product to be more desirable and needful for customers. Even they offer different deals or discounts either directly by themselves or via shopping at discount websites for bargains on electronics, accessories, clothing, and other products, so that customers can find the best deal. Hence, is a useful website for finding items at good prices and there is plenty of additional discounts that can save a bundle as well. Once a customer login or purchases from this website then on every new promotion, he will get an alert.

Many people are willing to adopt online shopping as well as not willing to do so. This study figures out the reasons behind people willing to change consumer-buying behavior so that they can be convinced towards buying online. It will help the online shopping websites and applications by highlighting the key areas that can be focused onto make the transition easier and safer for the customers like the process of online should be user friendly. Social media has introduced a new dimension of purchasing products from home. Internet users, especially Youth, have shown more interest in buying products online.

Overall world survey has determined the following five factors which compel/ urge the consumer to purchase online:

  • 1.Trust
  • 2.Convenience
  • 3.Time
  • 4.Product Variety
  • 5.Privacy.
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